Monday, October 10, 2011

Blogger Dynamic Views

Google Blogger revealed its new blog style called "Dynamic Views".
I update my another blog in Dynamic Style
Latest Version in IE or Mozilla Firefox is need to be installed to view the dynamic style.
User can select the style by their own like

Nice Look & Feel but bad thing is not able to add the custom gadgets like followers, counters, java scripts etc

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Googles new site what do you love

Last 5 years Google bounce back with many suggestions and advanced search in Google search engine.
In continuation Google created a new website called 
WDYL( What Do You Love) just type whatever you love in the text field and hit the heart button similar to search button.
 You will get results like blogs available in that name,images available, Alerts, Youtube videos, Books, Picasa albums and many.

Nokia's New OS

We know that Nokia is well known for its OS Symbian. But Nokia is gonna stop making Symbian before 2016.Nokia and Intel United Together and designed a new OS named "MeeGo".
Meego is an linux based open source operating system.To know more about MeeGo click here

Thank you 

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Microsoft Cloud Based Office 365

Operating System giant Microsoft releases a cloud based web application naming Office 365 in revenge of Search engine giant Google Inc Apps. I think there is a reason behind the number 365 because this office 365 application available all the days in a year. This online application will be very useful for small,medium scale business.Office 365 provides the online outlook,share point, word,spread sheet, power point and the documents can be saved in online. This application works under cloud computing technology and this application is going to be live on 28th of June 2011
Office 365 website :
To know more