Saturday, August 1, 2009


Does this whole cloud computing craze make your mental gears turn? Chances are, unless you are a big company with some good friends that would love to let you demo this new way of computing, you probably don't have the money to drop on getting a cloud system up and running. And if you're a home user, cloud computing is overkill for you.

You're not out of luck, however, if you still want to try this. There is a cloud PC that you can use without the need for a server; it's called CherryPal. It comes with a small plastic box with two USB ports, VGA-out, audio out, LAN and wireless. It has 4 GB flash memory, so you can store stuff locally as well as on the server. Along with this PC, you get 50 GB online storage for your hard drive. It sounds like a pretty good deal at $250. It will run a distribution of Linux with applications bundled with it such as OpenOffice. For all those environmentally conscious users, this computer consumes a total of 2 watts.

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