Friday, June 19, 2009


  • Wimax is also similar to Wifi but Wifi covers small distance
  • Wimax covers large distane
  • Wimax does not conflict with wifi but actually complements it.
  • WiMAX is short for Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access
  • IEEE name 802.16.WiMAX
  • WiMAX could replace cable and DSL services, providing universal Internet access
  • WiMAX could potentially erase the suburban and rural blackout areas that currently have no broadband Internet access
  • System consist of two parts
1)WiMax Tower
2)WiMax Reciever

WiMax Tower
  • WiMAX tower can coverage a very large area — as big as 3,000 square miles.
  • It can connect directly to the Internet using a high-bandwidth, wired connection.
  • It can connect to another WiMAX tower using a line-of-sight, microwave link.
WiMax Reciever
  • The receiver and antenna could be a small box or PCMCIA card.
  • They could be built into a laptop the way WiFi access is today.

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